Thursday, April 24, 2008

Read the Menu!

So frustrating. So I'm feeling pretty good yesterday going into the evening, where I have a cocktail party to attend, followed by dinner with friends. I had saved up enough points to have a couple glasses of wine and then a light dinner. Skip any hors d'oeuvres. I'm set.

Menu comes, friends are all talking and laughing, asking a lot of good questions about the previous event--an HRC New England Federal Club meet and greet--lots of good conversation. I break from the fun-filled commotion and make my choice. (Last week, when I knew I was going out to dinner, I read the menu online beforehand, did some searching for points of various offerings, chose the best options, and so was really ready when it came time to order: I knew exactly what I was going to get. Good strategy.) Last night, not so much.

I sighted a romaine lettuce salad--good enough--and a tuna spring roll. Now, I knew the dough deep-fried thing would be an issue, but the tuna is so low in points and again, I had a pretty good number of points banked headed into the evening, so I wasn't worried. And that's when it happened. The waitress comes, my dear friend Monica across the table from me, orders the romaine salad and the spring roll. I say "That's it! That's exactly what I want." Waitress leaves. It's all good.

Except it's not!! My salad comes--yummy. (I really need to remember to order the dressing on the side, but this one was pretty light, so I'm still good.) Then--after much waiting and avoiding the bread basket the entire evening--my main plate comes. I take a bite of my spring roll and it's filled with gooey melty oh so sinfully tasty CHEESE!!! Loaded with calories and points CHEESE!!! Where's the tuna??

I didn't pay attention. I ordered the wrong spring rolls. Boy was it good though. Eeek. So much to learn with this whole thing. With only a couple handful of points in a day to play with, I really need to pay attention.

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