Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weigh-In: It's working....

So, I'm in the beginning of week three and I just had my weekly weigh in (sorry, I'm a day late--supposed to be on Monday mornings) and I have lost 5 pounds since this all started! Yippeee. I am pretty happy. Now, I have 25 pounds to go, sure, but I do finally feel like I'm making progress.

The best part is that I really am developing a better sense of how to eat. Take last night as a case in point. My wife and I went to Cuci Cuci in Cambridge, a funky fun tapas place. While in the past, any dinner at a restaurant was just destined to be a night of over-indulging: too much alcohol and too much food. Even if I thought I was being restrained, I would (I know now) eat way too much. I would start with the bread, and probably eat about two slices if not more. If we were someplace this was available, I would fill my little bread plate with olive oil, coarse salt, and dip and swipe and lap it all up like a cat on cream. Not last night: one thin wafer from the bread basket, and that was it. One cocktail -- only 3 points -- and then water.

And ordering: I chose grilled fish, lamb--which we shared--and roasted vegetables. We did much more sharing than we would have in the past, and we didn't eat everything. Again, it really is about being mindful of everything I eat.

I was really worried about "constraining" myself by the points system, but now I really like the discipline. And, of course, I really like that it's working: 5 pounds!

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