Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Week Number Two: 35 Weekly Points Remaining

So, this is Weight Watchers. I am 43 years old, at least 30 pounds overweight, and I have never ever been to WW before--not to a meeting, not to look at it online. Nada. And now, I'm a member. Why? Isn't it obvious? But what finally got me motivated was a chef friend named Michael who one day, all of a sudden, looked slim and trim. How did he do it? Weight Watchers online. I signed up the next day.

And now, I'm obsessed.

I work at home--I'm a writer and have just launched my own strategic communications business for nonprofit organizations--so I have my computer on and my butt is in front of it pretty much all day. And, along with all the windows at the bottom of my screen beckoning me to pay attention to them is my WW daily points tracker. Every bite, glass of water, and walk around the park gets tracked in that baby.

I'm doing pretty good this week, my second. I haven't used up any of my weekly points yet. And, I think I can even carry over a point or two from earlier in the week. Wow.

I'm pretty determined to accomplish my goal of losing 35 pounds. But, I also love food--I'm a trained chef, having graduated from the Professional Chef's Program at the Cambridge School for Culinary Arts. And, I love food, especially Italian. So, this is is gonna be a challenge.

You keep me honest. I'll keep you informed about what I've learned and where I've succeeded and failed.

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