Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kick Butt!

So, I've been working out with my trainer Mark for a little over a year, and I can honestly say that this past month, it's starting to really show. All along, I've been getting stronger and more flexible and building stamina. But now, we're starting to seem some real definition and tone. I'm loving it.

Yesterday, we did a new routine--a boxing/kick-boxing mix that seriously, kicked my a...s. I was begging for mercy halfway through. It started with jumping rope--I'm pretty uncoordinated with this childhood pasttime, so I need to work on that. Then Mark went into a 10-minute explanation/demonstration, and then he put the gloves on me and away I went. Jab, upper cut, kick. Over and over and over again for a minute and then switch sides, and then over and over and over again. I am so sore today it hurts to type. But, I LOVED IT.

What a workout combination of cardio, flexibility, and concentration. I really enjoy workouts that require an intense amount of concentration to keep the form: it helps me learn to focus better, which actually calms my mind. I'm too impatient for meditation, so this works for me. Boxing/kickboxing is the best example of something that requires intense concentration but that also gets the heart rate going. Plus, honestly, I can't say enough about the ability to really take out my aggressions on a big stuffed bag. Punching and kicking just feels good. I think more women should really try this.

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vicki said...

I love taebo. This was my exercise of choice when I was in college and I went down 2 pants sizes because of it. You make me want to go all over again. I think I will actually.