Friday, June 27, 2008

What is it about blue jeans?

So...seriously. Why jeans? Why are they the weight loss currency that is considered the most valuable? It's all about wanting to fit into a certain pair of jeans. That's the victory. Sure, it's the goal weight and it's the bathing suit (maybe) and the dress size, but ask any fat girl what she really wants, and 9 out of 10 will answer that they want to look good in a pair of jeans, or fit into a fill-in-the-blank size of jeans.

I'm guilty, too. I have two pairs on my shelf that I will not toss. They are both size 8. They used to fit, and I truly believe they will fit again. (I did toss my size 6 jeans, because I could only wear those when I wasn't eating anything and I was completely depressed. I don't really want to be in that same place again.)
Today, I'm thinking about jeans because I have on a pair that are looking pretty good--they used to not fit at all, and now they do. They are still a size 12, but they are petite. And, I think some size 12's are bigger than others. Whatever. I'm just happy that today, a pair of jeans that didn't used to fit now does and they're actually kind of comfortable. I'm also happy because it means I can wait a while longer before buying new jeans. Again, I'll buy other pieces of clothing--maybe--but I'm not going to buy jeans until I can at least buy a size 10, and I would really be happy to be buying a size 8.


Virginia said...
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Sara said...

hey Terri - you go girl! it's good to see the little (and getting littler) you, and it's good to see your writing again. Catch up with me sometime - will ya!
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