Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update and Random Thoughts

I have been bad and not been writing, but now I have some exciting news to share: I'll be spending the a lot of the summer on Cape Cod!! We just rented an apartment there, so I am very excited. The eating challenge, however, will be with several friends coming to visit, there will be lots of drinking. I will have to really watch how much I drink, while I also have a good time. Hmmm.

The good news, however, is all the fresh fish and vegetables available. Truro has an amazing fish market in the same little shopping center as a farm stand, so that will become a regular stop. We stepped in this past weekend just to look around, and were made teary-eyed by the selection of fresh haddock, cod, tuna (I wanted to take a spoon and scoop out a bite right there!), and lobsters. Watch for my summer grilling stories. Low points in fish!

More updates: I am now down 12 pounds since starting WW. I think that's great--and I feel great--but I am surprised, I guess, by how long this is taking; I'm averaging a 6-pound loss a month. Is that too slow? I guess I do realize that stable weight loss is slower and that losing too much too fast usually means that most of the weight lost is gained back. But, it seems a little slow to me. I feel like my metabolism is stubbornly holding onto having more food so it's not going to budge. We'll see.

I am excited, however, about wearing a new dress tonight to a party (not the BIG party with the slightly tight party dress--that party is next week!). But, just a casual party with a stretchy dress. We did some amazing shopping in Provincetown last weekend and now I have a hot new pair of leather sandals and a new red bag to accessorize my new dress.

I sound like such a girl, don't I? Get this: I'm getting a pedicure today, too, to go with the new shoes and the dress and the party.

I guess, in essence, I'm feeling so much better about my body and how I look that I'm happy again about a dress and a pair of great shoes. I had lost that feeling of wanting to put myself together to look good for a night out. And now, it's coming back.
I am in no way finished, but I'm on my way.

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