Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shoutout for Au Bon Pain!

So, my honey brought home for me a brochure from au bon pain called "au bon Portions": I'm loving it!

Remember when this little chain used to be all about bread, chocolate croissants, and mediocre soups? Not anymore! Inside the brochure are pictures showing colorful little cups filled with tasty looking foods such as grilled chicken on a little salad, chickpea salad with carrots, a little sandwich wrap, cheese and crackers and grapes, stuffed tomatoes, asparagus with almonds. And beyond taste, here's the best feature: each cute little cup is only 200 calories! Gotta love that!

The new menu is the creation of the Executive Chef Thomas John, who used to be at Mantra and was a Food and Wine best chef of the year. Trained in his native India and schooled in French cuisine and techniques, Chef John is demonstrating that a chain restaurant truly can--if it committed to doing so-bring together flavor with a diet conscious sensibility. Hurrah! for him, au bon pain, and lunchers lucky enough to be anywhere close by one!

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