Friday, May 2, 2008

Drinking My Dessert

I know what you're thinking.... since I have already written about whining about wine, you're probably wondering if I have figured out a way to make low points chocolate martinis, or something, for dessert. No--maybe later, but not right now.

No, the joy I have discovered for dessert is tea. Really. Try it. I'm a diehard coffee drinker--it's one of the reasons I ditched the South Beach diet early on: no coffee allowed. For me? No way! Double espresso every day... bring it on! But at night, after dinner, I've been making myself a cup of tea. But not just any tea. I'm getting turned on by teas with bold bright flavors: Berry Black, Red Zinger, Lemon, Jasmine Spice. If I'm feeling a little more mellow, I go for chamomile or mint or ginger.

Ending my meal with tea is surprisingly satisfying. The warmth creates a feeling of fullness that is also comforting and very calming. The bold flavors make me happy and delight my palate. And...0 points! I don't kill my tally at the end of the day. What can be better?

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Pam said...

You should hit up Tealuxe! There's one on Newbury Street, and another in Harvard Square. Tons of different teas in a vast array of flavor combinations. Raspberry Earl Gray is one of my favorites hot, and the Lady Hannah is fantastic iced.