Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the News: Fat Kids Don't Think They're Fat!

Oy vay--at least when I was a kid, my skinny cousin Gina with long blonde hair and lots of boyfriends made sure I knew I was fat. Nowadays, says a story in today's Boston Globe, fat kids are surrounded by so many other fat kids and adults that their perception of overweight is that it's normal. And, they're not doing anything about trying to change either their weight, or the habits--what they eat and the amount of time they spend being sedentary--to change that.

Now, give them credit: kids are only following their parents' example, so if the parents are fat, whola. And if the parents aren't encouraging them--or other adults in their lives, doesn't have to just be parents--then how do they know that that is the way life just is?

Some folks are doing good work; gyms for kids and new federal programs to teach kids how to make healthier food choices and to move more. But people today--kids and adults alike--are just so innundated with bad food choices that choosing the few good ones takes enormous motivation--something which kids have a hard enough time with. It's a sad battle, and one that I am very afraid we are losing. Meanwhile, a survey from PeaPod, Inc., showed that employees have a hard time making good food choices for themselves when they are busy at work. And what do they often have to choose from? Highly processed, high calorie foods from vending machines and local fast food restaurants. When you think about it, this is really outrageous.

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JJ said...

Well there are also parents that encouraging their children to eat a lot and eventually become fat.

My grandparents and relatives encouraged me to eat a lot. I mean I was a cute chubby kid back then so it looked so innocent to eat a lot. My parents were worried eventually though.