Monday, May 12, 2008


Seriously, I gained weight. Not a lot--only 1.8 pounds. But what the f...? I have not even been eating all my points. I have been working out regularly. Aaaargh. When I filled in my weight tracker today--and, I didn't lie--I got a little face with a straight across "smile"; so, not a smile, certainly not that! And not a frown (I guess that's good), but not a very nice face either. Ok. Back to the drawing board. The little message did say that weight gain during weight loss was normal, but to just keep on track. Ok. I'm back on track. I'm not happy, but I'm back on track. Raw veggies for lunch for me today! I also did a 45-minute jog today, too. (Just a side note for another post for another time: I am not "running"; I am only jogging. So, even though I'm panting and spent when I reach my finish line, according to the WW activity tracker, a "run" doesn't start until you're clocking at least an 8.5 minute mile--I gots a long way to go!)

More later. I have lots of fun ideas to write about, but I have to go sulk for a while at the moment!

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