Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where Have I Been?

So sorry. I have been sick, dear reader. But am back on the mend, thank goodness. And, you'll be happy to know that even though I have been sick, I have stayed on the plan! My weekly weigh-in: 149.6!! So, that means that I've lost a little over 10 pounds. Which is great, unless you consider that I've been on this for 6 weeks, which means I should have lost at least 12 pounds by now, if you believe WW that average weight loss is 2 pounds a week. I'm below average :-(

But, I'm not really complaining too much, because I am losing. So that's a plus. And, I'm working out a lot; isn't it true that muscle weighs more than fat? People always tell you that to make you feel better, but I really think there might be some truth to it.

I also have a confession. Call me crazy, or overly optimistic, or something, but I bought a fantastic dress that is ... well... a little tight. Not too much--it's not like it's 3 sizes too small or something, but it's a size below where I am now. But, a lot of the clothes that are the size I am now are too big, so it's not completely inconceivable that I could soon be in a size lower. Right?

Hmmm. I bought the dress to go to a party on June 27: two days shy of an entire month away. Given the current rate of weight loss, I should be down by 6 to 8 pounds, unless I throw up my hands and give up; which I'm not going to do. So, I should be ok. It's motivation, inspiration, something. It's like that commercial for Special K: "....itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini..." You know, the one where she passes that skimpy thing every day while she eats her cereal, and then whola! At the end of the commercial, it fits? That'll be me. You watch!

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