Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy about HungryGirl

So excited to have found this chick--HungryGirl. In real life, she is Lisa Lillien (and she bears a striking resemblence to Rachel Ray..hmmmm), but she is chock full of advice, tips, and best of all...information and points about a slew of products that are low in WW points and high in flavor. HungryGirl has scanned the shelves of the grocery store to find the products that are safe eating so now, when I shop, I know where to stop in the aisles, and where to keep right on walking.

I wait on the edge of my seat for her daily email with news about good products, delicious easy recipes, and things to stay a mile away from: Ruby Tuesday's fat loaded oh so high in WW points turkey burger. (This charlatan loads in more than 1000 calories!!)
One of the best things about Hungry Girl? She has done all the research--and the eating--to know what sweet treats to eat and which ones to avoid. Thank you HungryGirl! She also has a new book out and is on tour, so check your local listings and grab up her book.
Where did I find Hungry Girl? On the Weight Watchers site, where even though they torture me, they entertain me as well!

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