Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Quick Thoughts

Just what I'm thinking about now:

  1. Got new running shoes yesterday: my first pair of Asics. LOVE the folks at Marathon Sports who fitted me. Will try them out later today--hope it doesn't rain.

  2. Dale had to pack his knives and go from Top Chef last night. Too bad...NOT! After all his nastiness to his comrade contestants, I was surprised to see how much affection Stephanie, Antonia, and Richard showed him as he left; made me wonder if the producers really were only showing his bad side and never his good qualities. Hmmmm....

  3. Remember the post about my having put points aside for a night and going out for a lovely evening at Lala Rokh, the Persian restaurant on Beacon Hill? My story about that night for is now live. Check it out.

  4. I'm having dinner tonight with a friend at Grezzo Restaurant in the North End--all raw food; can't wait to try it and to tell you all about it tomorrow!!

  5. I'm wearing right now a pair of jeans that 3 weeks ago didn't fit at all, one week ago barely fit, and now, fit just fine.

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David Dust said...

Yeah, I was surprised that Dale actually LIKED Richard, Steph, and Antonia...

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