Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sing a Song for Sushi

Tra la la la.......Let's all eat sushi! It has so few points it's like eating raw vegetables. What a joy. Good thing I love it; I could start eating it all the time--or at least a few times a week. Here's the breakdown:

Nigiri: 4 pieces = 2 points
Spicy Tuna roll = 5 points
Seaweed Salad = 1 point

There's even room for sake: 3 points for a 1/2 cup.

I'm singing for sushi because I have been working on a food story for about the wonderful and inspiring Haley House Bakery and Cafe (check out my story), which is chock full of tasty and healthy sandwiches and plates of roasted meats and sides. Yum. But the killer has been the muffins. I have to try them to be responsible to my story, right? So I do and of course they are delicious. The pumpkin muffin topped with toasted pumkin seeds sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

And then the slap of reality when I come back to Jesus and sit before my points tracker and start adding it all in. A muffin: 6 points. Now, seriously, that hurts.

So, it was raw veggies for lunch yesterday and then sushi last night. Eating slowly and talking and laughing a lot helps stretch out a meal and makes you feel like you might be eating more than you really are. All these tricks one must learn.

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