Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tasty Treat!

Yippeee! A tasty treat that is enough like a cookie that you might believe it is one, but it has only 3 points! And, what is also great about this yummy for the tummy morsel is that it's also full of protein and vitamins. How can you possibly go wrong?
Sent to me via personal messenger from my friend Diane, this Heart Thrives (there were 2 in the package, and you can't see them because I ate both of them before I wrote this post--see how greedy I am?) cookie comes from the Healthy Baking Company in California. Also known as "suncakes" these goodies are made with oats, brown rice syrup, natural apples, brown rice flour, soy protein concentrate, soy flour, rice bran, apple juice, dried plums, calcium citrate, and cinnamon. They are vegan, contain 30% of daily fiber, 30% protein, and 60% calcium. Yowza!

And, they are thick and chewy and have the mouthfeel and satisfaction of an oatmeal cookie. And, what I love about the packaging, is that it includes the WW points: 3. How consumer minded is that? Why can't other food companies do that with their products?

Oh, I know--because the truth about the WW points in products like Zone Bars and Cliff Bars and other products that are supposed to be healthy and good for you would kill their sales. I used to be a big believer in -- and eater of -- these products until WW. After eating a very tasty yogurt covered cranberry Zone bar, I plugged in the nutritional information into the little WW calculator, not really worried, but just so I could add it to my daily tracker. Do you know what came up? 8 points!!! I should have just gone straight to the candy aisle. I had been deluding myself for a very long sad time. No more! I'm ordering some suncakes today.

You can, too. Go to, or call 1-800-830-0309. Heart Trives are $18.95/dozen.

Happy snacking!

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